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How to Build Confidence at Work

How to Build Confidence at Work How to Improve Yur Self-Confidence at WorkIncrease your self-confidence to reap the benefits at work.Do you fear the prospect of making a mistake at work? Perhaps youre worried about getting something wrong or upsetting a colleague with honest feedback. While its natural to feel this way, a lack of self-confidence could actually hold you back in the workplace and prevent you from reaching your full potential. After all, having insecurities at work can make it hard to focus on your development and future success. On the other hand, being confident in yourself and your abilities helps you to feel good, increases your job satisfaction, and builds up your all-around happiness in your role.So, if you want to improve your self-confidence at work, check out our advice below.Be kind to yourselfWere often our own toughest critic. But if youre constantly thinking negative thoughts about your abilities and success, it can be hard to improve. So dont put yourself down Cut out negative language about yourself, focus on all the great skills you have and milestones youve reached, and think about what you can do instead of saying I cant.Most importantly, remember that its perfectly OK to make mistakes. In fact, mistakes help us to learn and improve. Next time you have a slip-up, instead of criticizing yourself, think of it as a learning experience you can use to avoid this happening again in the future. Fake it till you make itFeeling truly confident can take time, so hold your head up high, smile, and fake it till you make it. The right attitude will go a long way towards helping you think mora positively.Be koranvers to act like you know your stuff. Even if youre feeling slightly doubtful, remember that your knowledge has gotten you this far already and will get you further in the future. If you continue to tell yourself that youre confident, in time, it will help you genuinely feel more confident. Whats more, others will see this self-assur ance in you and theyll believe in your abilities too.Evaluate your performanceSeeing visible improvements in your work will increase your confidence in your abilities, and a great way to recognize this is to evaluate your performance. If you know your strengths, you can utilize these in the future, and, likewise, you can work on your weaknesses to help you improve in your role.Every time you complete a task, ask yourself if there was a better way you could have done it. Think about how you could be more productive and get better results, and then write down the actions youll take next time.Boost your skill setLearning new skills can help you become better at your job whether its soft skills, such as working on your communication with colleagues or hard skills related to your role, such as data handling.When youre performing better, youll feel more confident about your abilities and find new ways to work. Through this, you should be less likely to make the same mistake twice and be able to advance your career.Challenge yourselfWhen you push yourself out of your comfort zone, it helps you to learn what youre capable of. Naturally, this isnt always easy. Its understandable that youd want to stick with what youre good at, but challenging yourself is important for learning new skills and improving your self-confidence.When you achieve this, youll feel much more self-assured and see that youre able to do more than you thought was possible. In the future, youll feel more confident in taking on new tasks and trying out new roles. As a result, youll be able to propel yourself forward in your career.Stay informedWhen you know your stuff, you can speak more confidently about it, so make sure youre on the ball with whats happening in your industry. To do this, keep on top of the latest trends by researching news and updates, which could help you to identify new ways of working, as well.Dont forget the information thats on your doorstep either. Question senior colleagues about their expertise to help you expand your knowledge. Whats more, consider undertaking regular training and development courses to ensure that your information is up to date. If youre clued up, your colleagues will turn to you for information, which can help you to feel knowledgeable and foster your self-confidence.Improving your self-confidence at workConfidence is important in the workplace not only for success, but also for feeling happy and satisfied. So make sure you embrace yours to ensure this isnt holding you back. If youre finding this difficult, remember you can always fake it until you make it to help you inject some positivity into your work life.Click on the following link for more advice on how to get ahead.Feeling insecure about your resume? One of our professional resume writers can boost your resume confidence Check out our resume-writing packages today.Recommended Reading12 Things Successful People Do Each Morning4 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at WorkHow to Repair Your Reputation at Work After a MistakeRelated Articles

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The Ultimate Solution for High School Resume Example You Can Learn About Today

The Ultimate Solution for High School Resume Example You Can Learn About Today Your resume will be broken into sections. Most students hit a wall when it concerns the expert experience section since they just dont have relevant work experience. Since you likely dont have a good deal of Work Experience, you can include your Achievements as an individual section. Because you will probably have little if any expert experience, dont hesitate to fill your education section with a plethora of information. Moreover, it provides you a sort of the resume which can be employed to make your own. You may also have a skills section in which you list soft skills along with any programs, languages, or certifications youve got. It is essential for the coach to recognize the ability and strength of every player and offer the training accordingly. If for no other reason, obtaining the resume will make it possible for you to easily finish all the on-line profiles teams require prospects to fin ish. Continue reading to discover more, and dont neglect to have a look at our sample high school resume for inspiration You should support your key ideas with the very best example or anecdote. Moreover, it supplies you with a entwurf of the resume which can be employed to produce your personal. Most significantly, the background needs to be white. Folks can use the resume examples to learn to create an overview of qualifications, and a distinct paragraph that focuses on experience highlights. As youre writing a resume summary statement, dont use wording that mirrors the direction you have presented experiences in different regions of your resume. Positioned on top of your resume, the summary statement provides the hiring manager a snapshot of your abilities and accomplishments. Writing a resume summary statement could be the most crucial facet of getting your resume prepared to submit to possible employers. High School Resume Example - the Story Youve precisely what it requires to be successful in college. High school students may require a resume to submit an application for work or as an element of a university application. Dont be content with just the very first draft, you must have learned better than that in high school. High school may be a challenging time in the life span of a student because he or shes predicted to bag a job after graduating. High School Resume Example and High School Resume Example - The Perfect Combination Whenever you are in possession of a new experience, add it. You could also have volunteer experience. Write down what skills you used, and the way they may relate to the job that you desire. Be certain the skills are related to the job which you desire. Keep reading to discover our top few strategies for writing a winning high school resume. Generally, higher school students have a tendency to concentrate on their club participation whilst college students often incorporate major class projects. A great m eans to start on your resume as a high school student is to examine examples of resumes and read tips about what to include and the way to format your resume. Most high school students have a tendency to make an application for a food services position.

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Video Interview Hacks to Improve Candidate Experience

Video Interview Hacks to Improve Candidate ExperienceYouve been using video bewerbereinstellungsgesprchs for a while and you think theyre great. Theyve helped to speed up your hiring process, identify the best candidates, and improve collaboration in candidate selection. You love video bewerbungsinterviews, but do your job candidates feel the same way?Video interviews, whether used for screening or for the main interview, are still part of the application process, and the candidate experience matters. After all, 77 percent of professionals surveyed by Linkedin this year said the interview experience is an extremely important deciding factor when choosing a new employer. In addition, 83 percent of respondents said a negative interview experience can change their mind about a company they liked, while 87 percent said a positive interview experience can change their mind about a company they were on the fence about.How can you make the process simple and pain free when you might not be engaging directly with candidates?Just as you would for an in-person interview, you can find creative ways to give candidates the best experience possible while completing video interviews. Use ansicht video tips to create a better experience for candidates Set up the soap-boxInterviews are controlled by the employer. The interviewer asks the questions, guides the conversation, and platzsets the tone. The job candidate is essentially at your mercy especially in a one-way video interview, when they dont have a chance to directly ask you questions.Give candidates their voice back, by adding an open-ended question to a one-way video interview. Open up the end of the interview for feedback and comments from the candidate, just like you would open the floor to them at the end of an in-person interview. Here are some examples of open-ended questions to tryWhats something we havent asked you that we should? What would your answer be?Whats something you want us to know that we havent asked you about yet?In an open-ended question, candidates can explain what makes them the best person for the job, in their own words. Open-ended questions dont need to be long and dont take a lot of time for the candidate to resolve, but they can make a big difference. You gain extra insight into a candidate and learn what is most important about them, to them.Try these 2 open-ended questions in your next interviewClick To TweetLet the door swing both waysBefore the interview, candidates dont know what to expect. They dont know you or the company that well, and just 40 percent of candidates know the names and background information of their interviewers beforehand, according to a 2014 report of more than 95,000 candidates conducted by Talent Board. Help your candidates feel more comfortable by creating a welcome video. Use the video to give them information about your company culture and to prepare them for the interview process. After all, 49 percent professionals who recently changed jobs surveyed by LinkedIn said the biggest obstacle in the job search is not knowing what working for an organization is actually like. In addition, the 2015 CareerBuilder Candidate Behavior Report found that only 19 percent of job seekers toured the office, and only 12 percent were able to meet other employees during the interview process. Use the welcome video to give candidates a virtual tour of your office and a brief introduction to team members. Doing so will help your candidates understand what its like to work for the company and give them a taste of your culture.You can also use the welcome video to explain the interview process itself. Provide the names and background information for interviewers, or have them introduce themselves on camera. Detail the steps of the process and the types of interviews that will be involved.Creating this video, to brief candidates, will create a better interview experience for the candidate and for you. A well-prepared candidate will be less nervous, have more insightful questions to ask, and will have a better understanding of their interest in the position.Turn the interview tablesBoth you and your candidate are short on time. Screening candidates by phone is always time-consuming and not that effective, so you set up one-way video interviews instead. This way, you can get a feel for candidates without the scheduling hassle. But what does the candidate gain from the experience? What do they learn about you, the company, and the job?Not much. The one-way video is just that a one-way experience. But candidates want to know what working for the company is like, and to get that information, they want to speak with leadership. In fact, a 2015 Talent Trends report from LinkedIn showed that the most important thing for 53 percent of candidates was to talk to their future manager. Make the one-way video experience more candidate friendly by allowing them to conduct a one-way video interview with you. During their interview, ask candidates what questions they have for their future manager or any questions they have about the job or company, in general. Then, record your answers to those questions in a video, and send it to the candidate. This way, even if your schedule wont allow an in-person or two-way video interview, candidates can still get answers to their questions. The video interview speeds up the interview process, keeps job seekers interested in the position, and happy with the hiring process.Video interviews speed up the interview process and keep job seekers interested in the positionClick To TweetPlace a value on questionsIf youre asking candidates a long list of questions in a video interview, youre wasting their time just as much as your own. In a face-to-face interview, you want to build rapport and ease into more difficult questions. But video interviews are about speed, and superficial questions are worthless. Dont ask questions about information you can find on their resumes. Dont wa ste a candidates time asking them to tell you about themselves or about their experience unless you have specific questions about their responsibilities and accomplishments in a past position. The video interview process should be short and painless for candidates, so dont frustrate them by asking for information theyve already provided. Before creating your list of questions, review social media profiles as well. Candidates cant list all of their skills and experience on their resume, and a professional profile may include interesting information or relevant skills you want to discuss. In addition, you dont want to spend your time asking questions you can find the answers to on their social profiles. Instead of asking meaningless questions, ask ones that are unique to the job and the candidate. Analyze the value of every question what will the answer tell you about the candidate? And why is it important?Skip directive questions, that only require a few words or a short sentence t o answer, like do you have experience with our content management system? or have you communicated directly with candidates? If you still need these questions answered, ask the candidate in an email.Instead, focus on behavioral questions. These questions will require a more substantial answer from candidates and will allow them to explain how they put their skills into action. For example, instead of asking candidates if they have experience communicating with clients, ask them about a time they had to deliver bad news to a client or about a breakdown in communication. Eliminate stereotypical questions that have been asked over and over again candidates know how to answer these questions the way employers want them to, and you wont learn much about them. Try revealing interview questions instead.Ask InterviewQuestions that are unique to the job and the candidateClick To TweetBend but dont breakJob candidates are busy, too. According to the talent trends report from LinkedIn, 70 per cent of the global workforce are passive talent. That means most of your job candidates still have full-time jobs while theyre applying to your open position. They dont put their lives on hold for your hiring process they still go to work, care for their families, and participate in hobbies and activities. Electing to conduct a one-way interview makes sense for these candidates they can complete it on their own time, without running into scheduling conflicts. But the one-way interview is only convenient for candidates if they are given enough time to complete it. If you give them a short deadline to turn their interview in, the video interview becomes a more stress-inducing experience. Video interviews are flexible, so be flexible, and give candidates a reasonable amount of time to complete them. At the same time, time to hire is important. If you give candidates a very large window to complete the interview, it wont be a priority to them, and they may forget about it altogether. Find the right balance between giving candidates too much and not enough time to complete the video interview. Give candidates at least one week to set aside time and complete the video interview. Candidates shouldnt feel rushed or stressed, but they also shouldnt feel like the interview isnt important for them to complete.Give re-takes a chanceIn an in-person interview, candidates have to answer on the spot. They dont get a re-do, and they cannot take back whatever they say. Thats what makes the interview the most stressful part of the job search process there are no second chances. After the interview, the candidate replays their answers in their head, thinking about how they wish they had answered the questions. But in a one-way video interview, candidates have the luxury of thinking about their answer before they hit the record button. It removes a lot of the stress of a traditional interview and allows candidates a better chance of answering questions the way they want to. How ever, theres still room for error. Candidates can stumble over their words, look around the room instead of into the camera, or change their minds about how they want to answer the question. In a video interview, mistakes are OK because candidates are typically given a few chances to record their answers. But employers can limit the amount of retakes candidates have, which means candidates may have to submit answers theyre not fully satisfied with. Limiting the amount of chances a candidate has is more similar to a traditional interview, even though youre not conducting a face-to-face interview, but the pressure to record the perfect answer may stress them more. Keep the video interview as low-stress as possible by giving candidates unlimited chances to record their answers. Doing so shows candidates that you want them to do well and will put them at ease. Video interviews are a great tool for hiring professionals to speed up the interview process, but theyre also an opportunity to give candidates a great job search experience. Think about the candidate throughout the video interviewing process, to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.VideoInterviews are a great tool for hiring professionals to speed up the interview processClick To TweetHow do you give job seekers the best candidate experience in a video interview? Let us know in the comments below

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Dont be the best kept secret in your organization

Dont be the best kept secret in your organizationDont be the best kept secret in your organizationI feel like Im the best-kept secret in this organization, said Tina.She had been the last person hired by an energy companys corporate treasury kollektiv before an 18-month hiring freeze. Not long after Tina joined the firm, commodity prices fell. Industry forecasters warned of hard times ahead. Tinas department placed an indefinite hold on all hiring and promotions.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreTina welches a hard worker and a whipsmart financial analyst with three years of experience, so she welches by no means an entry-level employee. However, as the youngest on her team, thats how she was perceived for the for the foreseeable future. She struggled to escape the perception that she was the junior on the team.Tinas role involved daily tracking and reporting on corporate investme nt accounts. The work was fairly routine and came easily to her, and she could complete it quickly. Eager to help her group and demonstrate that she was team player, Tina offered to use her free time to assist some senior managers with any help they needed. Her intention was to show that she was a valuable contributor, but it backfired.The senior managers quickly figured out that they could take all of the small, low-priority tasks that they could not be bothered dealing with and dump them on Tina, who soon became buried under a mountain of busy work. While she was reformatting PowerPoint slides, making lunch reservations, and negotiating better parking spaces, no one saw her dedication and work ethic, let alone the sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills she brought to the team.I met Tina at a womens leadership workshop that her company hosted. She approached me during the lunch break to ask for advice about her predicament. She explained that it filled her with anxiety to imagine being stuck for another 18 months in a role that underutilized her talents and offered no growth. I feel like Im the invisible employee, she remarked, with a sad smile.So I offered to share a quick overview ofthe steps she could take to rebrand herselffrom entry-level junior employee to a role that that had greater currency on the team. But first, we needed to get a baseline of her starting point.What brand are you currently known for?I asked. Her eyes widened. Im the pooper-scooper she exclaimed. Im the only one on the team who is willing to roll up her sleeves and clean up the little messes that the senior managers dont want to deal with.Thats not much of a leadership brand, I commented, and we both laughed.We spent the rest of our lunch hour discussing the higher level capabilities she had to offer, and how she could move beyond her current responsibilities. Tina brainstormed some of the ways she could see herself making a larger impact that might be of real value to her company.Soon, Tina was bursting with enthusiasm for what was possible. She described how she wanted to work with her colleagues to identify critical financial issues and use her analytical skills to measure and articulate those problems. She wanted to propose solutions, and make sure those solutions were implemented. Not only that, she added, I want to make sure the changes stick.Do you see yourself as a change agent? I asked. Tinas eyes lit up in a way that let me know we were onto something significant. Yes. Thats it I want to be seen as a change agent, she replied. And just like that, she defined her new personal brand. Starting the next day, she began to think and act more like a change agent than a newbie.She diplomatically informed her colleagues that she was no longer accepting low-level pooper-scooper tasks, and suddenly, found she had time to spare.Tina let her manager know she had time to take on some stretch assignments. Together, they identified some critical busines s issues that were worthy of attention from an analytical problem-solver and change agent. With her managers guidance, Tina was so successful with her first two projects that she became known asthechange agenton her team.She was promoted to manager within a year, and now helps other junior team members to identify their strengths, deliver valuable results, level-up how others perceive them, and, in time, and propel themselves forward into a new career phase.Lets face it It isnt especially easy to break out and establish yourself as an up-and-coming leader inside a large corporation.Perhaps you have developed a great reputation as a valuable contributor with a solid work ethic, but wonder why its not translating into career advancement. Maybe you saw a coveted role get snapped up by a colleague- a job you know you could crush, if given the chance. And some days you feel, as Tina put it, like the invisible employee.In short, you feel like the best-kept secret in your organization. If thats you, I want to be clear It doesnt have to stay that way. Youve bumped up against a barrier that many future leaders, especially women, will face at some point in their careers. Others have navigated beyond this barrier, andin these two videos, I share the steps you can take to move beyond that barrier.This article first appeared on Be Leaderly.

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How to Succeed When Starting A New Job

How to Succeed When Starting A New JobHow to Succeed When Starting A New JobMy first job out of college was as a marketing assistant for a publishing company in downtown San Francisco. I was thrilled to work in the center of a lively city and even happier that I was able to turn my love of books into a real career. Looking back now, I can offer a few pointers on how to navigate the first few weeks of a job to make the following months easy sailing.Take the first week to get organized When I first started my colleague in the cubicle next to me offered some helpful adviceDont worry about being busy your first few days. Just get settled in. Many companies have an onboarding process that eases you into your workload. Spend the first few days organizing your workspace and taking care of the basics. Make sure you know how to check your voicemail, how to use the printer and familiarize yourself on where all the office supplies are kept. You also want to use the first few weeks learning and mastering any new systems youll have to use on a regular basis. This time getting to know the office now will help in the future when youre busy meeting a tight deadline.Get to know your colleagues and their communication stylesAs a marketing assistant I worked with a lot of different teams within the company including Creative, Events and Sales. What I learned from behauptung interactions is that everyone has different communication styles, and its a great skill to learn how to adapt to their style. Figure out if they prefer talking face-to-face versus email or vice-versa, and if you feel comfortable, ask them. Some of your colleagues might need a follow-up email after talking on the phone. Learning how to best communicate with your colleagues will make working together easier and, ultimately, produce the best results on projects. Finish your to-do-list before asking for more workGo above and beyond is drilled into our brains on how to get ahead in our careers. When I started at my first job, I wanted to take on everything. What I learned was to make your projects excellent before asking for anything new. Learn as much as you can and master your daily tasks, and your team will see the effort youre putting in. When you start to feel comfortable with your initial responsibilities, that is the right time to ask for more.

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Is Your Job the Best Job in America

Is Your Job the Best Job in America Is Your Job the Best Job in America Sure, you have a great job. Your boss is cool. You have a good salary and benefits package. Nobody complains when you take vacation.But is it the best of all possible jobs? If youre wondering how your job stacks up against the best jobs across the country, youll want to take a look at this years50 Best Jobs in Americalist from job site Glassdoor.This report highlights jobs that stand out across three key factors earning potential, hiring demand, and job satisfaction, explains Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor.Of particular note, Glassdoors research shows that higher pay is linked to job satisfaction, but in a smaller way than you might expect.Money can buy happiness, but other workplace factors actually have a larger impact on your overall satisfaction - including culture and values, career opportunities, and the quality of senior leadership, Chamberlain says.Many of the jobs on Glassdoors list are in high-growth sectors, such as tech, healthcare, and finance. Competition for talent is fierce in these areas, so its no surprise to binnensee workers report high satisfaction. Companies are bending over backward to attract and retain skilled talent.Plus, we are currently experiencing a strong labor market with almost 6 million open jobs, hence corporate recruiters are in especially high demand, as companies need help finding the right people for all of the other in-demand jobs, Chamberlain says. And these employees report strong job satisfaction because they are uniquely positioned to help others find their own dream jobs.Tech jobs are also in high demand across industries, in part because every company is trying to become a tech company these days, Chamberlain says.They all need people who know how to collect, organize, and analyze data to help them make better, more informed geschftlicher umgang decisions, Chamberlain continues. Not only do we see a rise in demand for people with the skills to apply statistics and machine learning to gather actionable insights based on data for businesses, but we also see jobs directly involved in business decision-making - such as business analysts, strategy managers, and business development managers - are highly sought after. What Makes a Good Job a Best Job?Data scientist tops the Glassdoor list for the third consecutive year, suggesting theres something special about this role that makes it stand above other jobs. Chamberlain chalks it up to high demand (4,524 open jobs), high salaries ($110,000 median base salary), and high rates of job satisfaction.Data scientists and many of their fellow top 50 roles share a number of things in common, but one of the primary qualities they share is availability across verticals and industries.A key trend we see for these Best Jobs is that many of these roles are also ones that can be found in almost every industry - from data scientists to HR managers and executive assistant s, Chamberlain says. This is encouraging for people with these skills, as there is a wide range of career opportunities to consider. Plus, with the growing impact of automation across industries, demand will continue to grow for workers with the ability to leverage technology to enhance what they do on a daily basis. The Doctor Is in (and So Are zu sich Coworkers)Thats not to say every job on the list crosses industry borders the way many tech jobs do. The healthcare industry also boasts prominent placement on Glassdoors list. Occupational therapist ranks No. 4, followed by physician assistant (No. 25), nursing manager (No. 28), speech language pathologist (No. 35), and nurse practitioner (No. 49).An interesting debut to our Best Jobs list is speech language pathologist, which is related to the broader boom in healthcare jobs, says Chamberlain. This role is focused on helping people, oftentimes children, improve their lives and well-being, without the downsides associated with emerg ency room work or nursing. It is no surprise that many of these employees are satisfied at work. Plus, people with these strong and creative communication skills will be able to use technology to enhance their work and are in no danger of being replaced by automation this year, if ever.- It can be difficult to find passion in your work. You may be trudging along from paycheck to paycheck, thinking theres nothing better out there. For readers looking to guarantee growth, satisfaction, and opportunity, the 50 jobs on Glassdoors list will be a good place to start.

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Rude Resignation Letters and Why Not to Write One

Rude Resignation Letters and Why Not to Write OneRude Resignation Letters and Why Not to Write OneEspecially rude and meanresignation lettersand videos abound ansprechbar. Remember Joey Quits with five million views on YouTube? It went viral, and 38,000 people gave Joey DeFrancesco a thumbs up for quitting his job at the Renaissance Hotel by handing manager aresignation letterwhile a marching band celebrated the occasion. An over the top rude resignation letter may landseem like a fun and fitting way to end a job, but ultimately, burning bridges isnt always a good idea. Infamous Rude Resignation Letters In a published letter in The New York Times titled Why Im Leaving Goldman Sachs, Greg Smith dissed the companys corporate culture as toxic and destructive and described how colleagues called their clients muppets.Andrew Lahdes letter was printed in the Financial Times stating that what he learned about the hedge fund business was that he hated it. He admitted he was in it for the money and took advantage of the low hanging fruit by finding people stupid enough to take the other side of my trades. Steven Slater quit Jet Blue after 20 years as a flight attendant. When a flyer refused his edict to sit down by swearing at him, Slater made an unforgettable exit by announcing over the intercom that he was done (in addition to a few expletives). He then tore off his tie, grabbed a beer, released the emergency exit chute and slid down. (Incidentally, he received a year probation for criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.)DJ Dave Lee Travis told BBC listeners on air that he would be leaving the station because changes were being made that went against his principles and he could not abide by them. Perils of a Rude Resignation Letter Keep in mind that everything you publish or put online can come back to bite you later and it may affect your future prospects. After all, what boss wants to hire someone who could potentially make a laughingstock out of him on line for all eternity? In 2010, ten percent of workers complained about their boss online how many of them are still employed? Sure, you have freedom of speech to express yourself, but companies also have a SLAPP lawsuit up their sleeve. SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation and its meant to shut up the companys critics. While a SLAPP lawsuit stands little chance in court, its meant to intimidate you and provoke an expensive legal battle. In the long run, your rude resignation is probably not worth the personal, professional and potential financial cost. A Rude Resignation Letter Not all rude letters are YouTube worthy even a simple rude letter can result in problems later on. Heres an example of arude resignation letter- one that you should probably not send. Dear Mr. Walker, I am writing to inform you of my resignation effective immediately. The three months I have spent working for you have been a colossal waste of my time, and I see no reason to c ontinue. Your business is the most poorly run software company I have ever seen, and it is absolutely amazing that it continues to hang on. Please send my final paycheck to my home address. Cheers, Suzette Blanchard The Better Way to Resign In addition to what you shouldnt do, there are some things you shouId do when youre resigning from a job. If you decide its time to leave a job you dont like, dont express your anger in a resignation letter. Take a deep breath, and dont write anything yet. Actually, a good first step to leaving a job you dont like is to clean up your computer to remove any personal files and images that arent related to your job. Then you can give your boss your verbaltwo weeks notice. When youve calmed down, you can write a formal resignation letter thats polite and professional. You may wish to offer assistance during the transition time, especially if youve held your current position for a long time. Finally, even if youre upset with your boss, you may wan t to send a goodbye message to your colleagues. There are a couple of reasons to do this. For one, your colleagues may like you and want to keep in contact. Also, unless you have a new job lined up already, you may need to expand your network, and you never know who can help you get in touch with the right people at another company.